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MintzerFor 2 weeks in May NW firefighters spent time at Rarey’s Auto reviewing vehicle extrication techniques.

Warren Co. Fire School

7 North Warren Firefighters attended 2014 Warren County Fire School. Firefighters from NW attended Incident Safety Officer, Car Fires, and Emergency Vehicle Operations Classes. NW’s rescue provided support to the car fires class refilling SCBA cylinders.

North Warren C2 instructed the car fires class.

Recent Calls

Barley Home Fire

Early morning of August 17th NW responded to the Barley Home for a reported structure fire. First arriving units established a water supply off the hydrant system and began stretching ground monitors and 2.5″ handlines. A secondary water supply was established at Jackson Run where it passes under South State St. A 750gpm portable pump drafted from the Conewango Creek for a 3rd water supply. Firefighters from North Warren, Glade, Russell, Lander, Pleasant, Starbrick, Scandia, Clarendon, and Youngsville supplied manpower and equipment. The Redcross, Youngsville, and Emergycare provided rehab. Firefighting efforts were hampered by collapse and layout of the property.NWVFD 69-14_17 Aug 2014_004b[1] NWVFD 69-14_17 Aug 2014_007b[1] Structure Fire IMG_5221 NWVFD 69-14_17 Aug 2014_054a[1]

Upcoming Rope Rescue Training


The last of the rope rescue equipment has arrived. We will be gettng into rope rescue in a couple of weeks. Please brush up on your knots to make the training go smoother and without delay. The more time you spend at home becoming proficient with your knots the less time we will have to spend reviewing them during drill. That will leave us more time doing scenarios. Please review the videos and websites below. Become familiar with the material in the websites because we will cover most of it.


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