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Fire Prevention Week 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Stay Fire Smart! Don’t Get Burned
Testing the water before putting a child in the bath may sound like common sense. Wearing short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking on the stovetop may show foresight. This and other simple actions may be all it takes to prevent devastating burns. Fire Prevention Week 2009 focuses on burn awareness and prevention, as well as keeping homes safe from the leading causes of home fires.

Fire Prevention Week will be held October 4th through October 10th, 2009. The North Warren VFD will be having an open house with fire truck rides the evening of October 7, 2009. Stop by our firehouse to see displays on fire safety and enjoy a ride in our fire engines.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention & Home Safety

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Coming Soon

Fire safety in the home / Fire prevention:
(What to do if you smell smoke. What to do if you or someone else catches on fire. What to do if you have a grease fire in the kitchen. Electrical safety. Clothes dryer safety. What to do if you smell natural gas. Smoke detectors/battery changes etc…)
Carbon Monoxide and CO detectors:
(Perform annual maintenance on the furnace and chimney before the heating season – clean the furnace, inspect the color of the flame, change filters, look for heat exchanger cracks, look for damaged or corroded flue gas piping … same for the water heater)
Woodstove safety:
(Similar recommendations as the furnace)
Portable fire extinguisher use:
(PASS acronym) and maybe a video clip showing the extinguishment of a small spill fire that might occur in the driveway. (ie: Lawnmower incident)
Educate the public on costs:
(To train and equip. a single firefighter. The cost for a basic fire engine. The cost to replace our old “Jaws of Life” in today’s dollars.)
Hydrant Maintenance:
Mention the reflective blue bands on the hydrants and ask the public to keep their hydrants shoveled and weeds trimmed, and periodically clean the blue bands by scrubbing them with a little soap & water and a brush … explain that winter road grime and snow plow spray cuts down on their reflectiveness.