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Holiday Season Fire Safety

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

With the holidays upon us be careful this season and follow some simple tips to keep everyone safe from the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the State Fire Commissioner provided to you by the North Warren Fire Department.

* In Case of an Emergency DIAL 911

* If there is a fire hydrant near your home you can assist the fire department by keeping the hydrant clear of snow and ice so in the event it is needed, it can be located.  And remember to keep the blue reflective bands clean.

* Be sure every level of your home has a working smoke alarm, and be sure to check and clean it every month.

* Carbon Monoxide detectors should be installed in every home to warn of deadly build-ups.

* Never use a range or oven as a supplementary heating device. This is a safety hazard and can produce potentially deadly fumes.

* NEVER try to thaw frozen water pipes with a blowtorch or other open flame. The pipe could conduct the heat and ignite a fire inside a wall. Use hot water or a UL labeled device such as a hair dryer for thawing.

* Use extra caution when traveling during inclement weather. Beware of poor road conditions. Take extra time when commuting and drive according to the road conditions.

* Dress appropriately when outdoors to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.

DHS Holiday Season Fire Safety

Also check out our Home Heating Safety and Carbon Monoxide under the FIRE PREVENTION tab.

11-18-09 Structure Fire

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Area fire departments were toned out to a structure fire on Porter Run early Wednesday afternoon. 6330 was first on scene and reported a fully involved barn fire with multiple explosions. Starbrick assistant chief Wiltsie assumed command. Engine 8 and crew was second due and plugged in to support the firefight. Due to the dry conditions a wildfire quickly took hold in the wooded area behind the barn resulting in the call for several strike teams to control the fast spreading wildfire. Companies responded from Starbrick, North Warren, Pleasant, Youngsville, Sugar Grove, Russell, Lander, Wrightsville, Garland, and Glade.

11-17-09 Motorcycle Accident

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

North Warren was dispatched to a motorcycle accident on Route 62 in front of Midtown Motors Tuesday evening. Tim Reynolds (C-1) assumed command. Engine 8 responded to the scene and stabilized the vehicle while fire police responded with Utility 12 and controlled traffic. The Rescue responded to Route 62 and Jackson Run to set up a landing zone in the Warren State Hospital soccer fields. One patient was transported by Life-star Helicopter. Emergycare and City Ambulance assisted with victim stabilization.