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8-28-10 Motor Vehicle Accident

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Around noon Saturday, Sept. 28 crews took a break from a work session at the station to respond to an MVA at the intersection of Rt 62 and the Commons entrance. 19 Personnel responded finding a car nearly colliding with a fuel oil tank after colliding with a tanker truck. Warren State Hospital Security assisted with crowd control along the Bike Trail while Emergycare and the City assisted on scene. North Warren crews stabilized the vehicles determining there was no danger of leakage from the either container and assisted with traffic control.

8-20-10 Motor Vehicle Accident

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

At 6:10pm North Warren’s tones dropped for an MVA at the intersection of Jackson Run and Rt 62. Crews assisted Emergycare with patient removal and Engine 8’s crew andC3 (Hordusky) was faced with the challenge of clearing the many youth soccer players in the WSH fields for a helo landing zone. The helicopter was eventually called off. Rescue, Engine 8, and Utility 1 responded with 20 personnel.

Lowe’s Safety Day

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

North Warren firefighters spent the day with families Saturday teaching fire prevention and displaying fire equipment at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in North Warren. This fire safety day

sponsored by Lowe’s was a success with participation by North Warren Fire Department, Russell Fire Department, American Red Cross, Warren Fire Department, Emergycare, Warren County Hazmat, and PA State Police.