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June Alarms

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

11 alarms were responded to last month. During Wednesday night drill on June 1st firefighters were training for pump operations and water supply training. As soon as equipment was set up North Warren, Pleasant, and Emergycare were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the Commons intersection with entrapment. The equipment was left as units responded from the parking lot beside the old Quality Markets. One patients was extricated using a total side removal (2 door rippen blitzer). A total of 4 MVAs were run in June. Engine 8 responded with a crew to Jackson Ave. in Glade township for a midday structure fire. NW took a call from a local business for a computer fire. Quick action by the employees prevented any major damage. Ventilation was provided by NW units.

Mutual Aid Training

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Several Wednesday night drills this summer were used for training with neighboring organizations. North Warren and Emergycare trained with their EMS equipment. The following training session involved NW and EC going to Rarey’s Auto to practice extrication and rescue techniques for motor vehicle accidents. Crews from each organization worked together to simulate removing an entrapped victim as a result of a car accident. Accessing, packaging, disentangling, and removing the patient were reviewed in the training session. During the training each department got dispatched for a real MVA at Follett Run and Market. Equipment was quickly packed on the rigs and everyone responded from Rarey’s.