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Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

In January 2012 North Warren was awarded $29,000 from FEMA for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant to purchase new hydraulic rescue tool system and vehicle stabilization struts. The application process began back in the beginning of 2011. This year and a half long process helped North Warren upgrade from home made struts and 1970s era hydraulic rescue equipment. Without the funding the fire department would have never been able to afford the upgrades.
With these upgrades NW is now able to offer a safe, efficient, and alloy cutting capable system. The old system was not compliant to today’s standards nor was it able to cut the new reinforcements engineered into modern cars. Parts for the antiquated system were getting harder to come by and maintenance costs were climbing. Not to mention the old equipment were heavy, cumbersome, and obsolete when dealing with new car construction and the age of equipment was becoming an issue with dependability and reliability.
A committee formed in early 2011 to determine the needs of replacing the rescue tools. The committee established three priorities for replacing our current hydraulic tool system and rescue struts is upgrade to a system: it will perform with the new car construction, enhance the rescue efficiency, and consolidate the hydraulic system into a more user friendly system.
These priorities outlined what key features we wanted to see in the new rescue system. The committee determined NW needed to be able to run 2 rescue tools simultaneously off the same hydraulic pump, cutters to cut the new exotic metals in vehicle construction, be able to connect and disconnect tools while under pressure from the pump and consolidate to fewer tools and equipment that would be able to perform better than the old tools.
To determine what manufacturer of rescue tools North Warren needed the committee began in 2011 soon after the funding was awarded. The committee invited the top 3 manufactures in the industry to come to North Warren demonstrate and show NW members their equipment and discuss each tool’s capabilities. All firefighters were involved in the survey process by attending the demonstrations, using the tools, and filling out a survey about each tool manufacture. After about 10 months of research, the committee narrowed down its decision and finalized on the Genesis Rescue Tool company. With the grant funding, NW was able to purchase a pump, spreaders, cutters, combination tool, 2 rams, and a set of struts. North Warren decided on the Genesis Rescue as the company that matched NWs needs. The tools were purchased from the Genesis distributor Anthony Flemming from Howell Rescue Systems. During the demonstrations North Warren spent several Saturdays at Rareys Auto Service cutting up cars with the different tools. NW extends a special thanks to Rareys Auto Service for giving NWVFD 6 vehicles to use and destroy during the research process.
On Saturday, December 1st 2012 North Warren received delivery of the new Genesis Equipment. Anthony Flemming reviewed the equipment in station then we all went to Rareys for hands on instruction of the new system.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

November Alarms

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

North Warren was toned out for 1 alarm in October. A crew stood by at the station for Lander. In November NW ran 12 calls. 2 of which were standby’s for WSH and WFD. 2 more responses were to Carbon Monoxide investigations. And 2 more were to assist Emergycare for a landing zone. Finally, the last notable November alarm was an assist to Clarendon VFD with a strike team for a brush fire.