1-1-10 CO Alarm

1-1-2010-NWVFD was dispatched for a carbon monoxide investigation at a private residence on Dutch Hill Road. Crews assembled and NW E8 responded with 5. Moments after leaving the station, E8 received a scene report from Assistant Chief John Riggle reporting an active CO alarm inside a single family dwelling, with all occupants evacuated, and no illnesses. Engine 8 crew arrived and immediately started the investigation, while Chief Riggle conducted an occupant’s interview. The E8 crew found the structure to be free of CO and upon further investigation found the root cause of the alarm to be a battery failure in an alarm. Chief Riggle and Lieutenant M. Wadlow returned the alarm to a useable state, provided the home owner with information regarding CO Detector maintenance as well as a Carbon Monoxide Awarness pamphlet, and provided the homeowner with a CO detector for use until their unit could be replaced.

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