Hydrant Maintenance

The North Warren Volunteer Fire Department relies on those in the community to maintain the general surroundings of the fire hydrants in the North Warren area. If you live near a hydrant or have one located on your property its of great importance that these are well maintained. A visible hydrant clear of obstructions increases the North Warren Volunteer Fire Department’s efficiency and effectiveness when locating one during an alarm.

There are several things as a property owner in North Warren you can do to help with “hydrant maintenance.”
– Refrain from blocking access to hydrants by parking in front of them, placing trash to the curb, etc.
– Keep shrubbery trimmed around the hydrant to maintain visibility from all sides.
– Shovel around the hydrant in the winter. Prevent snow from covering the hydrant.
– Report leaking or damaged hydrants immediately to the North Warren Water Authority.
– Keep the reflective blue bands clean to maintain a clean reflective surface, when washing your car take the scrub brush to the band to quickly remove road grime that has built up on the band.

The North Warren Volunteer Fire Department along with some other local fire departments have initiated a reflective collar program to increase the hydrant’s visibility. You may have noticed these blue reflective bands on our hydrants located here in North Warren.