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Fire Prevention & Home Safety

Friday, July 31st, 2009

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Fire safety in the home / Fire prevention:
(What to do if you smell smoke. What to do if you or someone else catches on fire. What to do if you have a grease fire in the kitchen. Electrical safety. Clothes dryer safety. What to do if you smell natural gas. Smoke detectors/battery changes etc…)
Carbon Monoxide and CO detectors:
(Perform annual maintenance on the furnace and chimney before the heating season – clean the furnace, inspect the color of the flame, change filters, look for heat exchanger cracks, look for damaged or corroded flue gas piping … same for the water heater)
Woodstove safety:
(Similar recommendations as the furnace)
Portable fire extinguisher use:
(PASS acronym) and maybe a video clip showing the extinguishment of a small spill fire that might occur in the driveway. (ie: Lawnmower incident)
Educate the public on costs:
(To train and equip. a single firefighter. The cost for a basic fire engine. The cost to replace our old “Jaws of Life” in today’s dollars.)
Hydrant Maintenance:
Mention the reflective blue bands on the hydrants and ask the public to keep their hydrants shoveled and weeds trimmed, and periodically clean the blue bands by scrubbing them with a little soap & water and a brush … explain that winter road grime and snow plow spray cuts down on their reflectiveness.